Travel Hacking Business Class Flights – How To Fly Business Class Without Credit Card Points

This video reveals how I've been able to consistently get business class flights for 50% – 80% off without using credit card points! The special I mention is only available until September 12th!

To make sure the video is evergreen and helpful all year round, I show another source that is not time sensitive, too!

For my first several international flights I found the traveling experience to be very challenging… The extra long wait in the airport from early required check in times.

The lack of comfortable seating in the airport. The upright seated position with a random neighbor snoring next to me as I don't sleep well sitting up.

But then I got into Travel Hacking and had my first experience in business class crossing an ocean from Bangkok to San Francisco and I was hooked.

Not only do you get a seat that extends into a full-length lay-down bed, but you get business class lounge access which includes free food, free drinks and sometimes even have sleeping areas to rest.

The experience flying business class is so far superior it actually gets me looking forward to flying where-as I never used to.

That was over three years ago and since then I've been geeking out on travel hacking and finding the ways that I could get the business class access and experience for little more than economy costs.

If you just look at the cost of a business class ticket, you will usually think "WTF? How would anyone ever pay that for a flight?"

That is my general reaction…

But once you learn how the points systems work, how the partnerships work and how to find points in a way that can let you book with frequent flyer points instead, the 'price' becomes much more reasonable.

This is only one Travel Hacking method I use, but it is one of the easier options and the most consistent option and the easiest to pull off… Which is why I'm sharing it now.

I only use this method on long haul flights and I generally will research the type of plane to make sure that the business class section has the full lay down beds.

Even booking on points for domestic business class flights doesn't make as much sense to me… So keep that in mind.

…And happy travel hacking!


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  1. Gino Pacitti

    Aug 22. 2017

    when is the Asia mastermind?

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    • Miles Beckler

      Aug 22. 2017


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    • Gino Pacitti

      Aug 22. 2017

      And is it going to be in Thailand ? What are the dates ? Costs etc.. I’m heading out there soon so want to look at how I can make it happen. 😄😄

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  2. Axe Family

    Aug 22. 2017

    Golden. thanks!

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  3. blossom

    Aug 22. 2017

    Love all your videos – I travel to Asia as well so will check this process – thanks so much for the amazing content!!!

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