Shear GENEIUS Q&A Cut #36: How To Step Up Your Sales & Marketing Game

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Shear GENEIUS Q&A Cut #35: How To Fill Up A Studio, Class Or Room

Cut #35: In this episode, Billy discusses his process of putting butts in seats, how we choose our case studies, having no shame in your game, etc. Tune in to see what value he has ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Cut #27: The Fastest & Cheapest Way To Grow Your Business

Cut #27 (SPECIAL EDITION): If you know Billy Gene, then you know he loves convenience. So, today's episode of Shear GENEIUS will include once of the gifts the BGIM team got him ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Q&A Cut #25: What’s The Difference Between Clicks Into Customers 1.0 and 2.0?

Cut #25: In this episode of Shear GENEIUS, Billy reveals what he is most excited about in 2018, his thoughts on bitcoin, the difference between our online courses Clicks Into Customers ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Cut #24: How To Shift Your Messaging During The Holiday Season

Cut #24: In this episode of Shear GENEIUS, Billy discusses the right messaging during the holiday season, how to promote a service that sells products Facebook normally doesn't ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Q&A: How To Prepare And What To Expect When Planning A Live Event

Cut #11: On this week's episode of "Shear Geneius," Billy breaks down what landing page software(s) we use, measuring the ROI of our billboard, why selling low ticket ... Watch →

Shear G.E.N.E.I.U.S.: Overcoming Mondays & Refusing To Quit

If you can't find reasons to be excited to go to work, then you seem to be f*cking up! Tune in to this episode of Shear GENEIUS where Billy gives some Monday motivation and answers ... Watch →

Shear G.E.N.E.I.U.S.: Hooking With Video & Being Specific

Welcome to another session of "Shear Geneius". Billy went LIVE and answered questions/dropped knowledge bombs… while getting his weekly cut! Follow us on Facebook in ... Watch →

Interviewing A Group Of Videographers On A Facebook LIVE Stream

We have a big group interview for our videographer position! Tune in to help us choose our new team member and see what secret surprises Billy has up his sleeve. Comment below who you ... Watch →

How To Determine How Much You Should Charge A Client

Welcome to “Shear G.E.N.E.I.U.S.” … Where Billy gets his hair cut and answers your concerns Watch →