Behind The GENEIUS Ch. #20: How To Hire People? Where Do You Hire People? Scaling Your Business 101

Chapter #20: Blue Label shots at 9am, inviting people into the office to shadow Billy for a day and ending an amazing year on an amazing note! Tune in to see get some value from ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Q&A: How To Reduce Employee Turnover, Hire The Right Person, & Create More Time

Cut #16: Tune into another episode of Shear GENEIUS, where Billy discusses reducing employee turnover, his best advice for hiring the right candidates, and much more! — Subscribe ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Q&A: How To Prepare And What To Expect When Planning A Live Event

Cut #11: On this week's episode of "Shear Geneius," Billy breaks down what landing page software(s) we use, measuring the ROI of our billboard, why selling low ... Watch →