What Does It Mean To “Create Your Own Environment”? And Why You Should Be Doing So Immediately!

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What Better Way To Ring In “The Season Of Giving” Than With A Company Toy Drive?

Santa Claus is coming to town… It's the season of giving so Billy Gene Is Marketing decided to come together and donate to a toy drive! Help a kid in need this season. ... Watch →

Behind The GENEIUS: Billy Wonka Gives Black Friday Deals Ft Special Guests Lewis Howes & Cole Hatter

Chapter #16: What does Black Friday have to do with orange face paint, dancing in the street, and a Wonka like none other? Anything can happen on any given day here at BGIM, ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Cut #24: How To Shift Your Messaging During The Holiday Season

Cut #24: In this episode of Shear GENEIUS, Billy discusses the right messaging during the holiday season, how to promote a service that sells products Facebook normally doesn't ... Watch →

What Is The Best Way To Motivate Your Team? The Answer May Come As A Surprise To You…

Santa Is BACK with the ultimate gift… The gift of sales! If you're enjoying this video, don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe! 🙂 — Subscribe To ... Watch →

Behind The GENEIUS Chapter #15: Do What You Love With Special Guest, Jim Bunch

Chapter #15: How far can Billy hit a ball at Petco Park? And what did our interviewee, Jim Bunch sacrifice in order to work with Tony Robbins? You can't get back time you've ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Cut 23 Q&A: Did You Grab Our Insane Cyber Monday Deals?

Cut #23: *PROMOTION HAS ENDED* — Subscribe To Stay Updated: Watch →

Who The Hell Is Tai Lopez & What The Hell Does He Do? Billy Gene Is Here To Find Out For You…

For those of you who know me well, I trust no one and I think everyone is full of sh*t. I recently went to Tai Lopez's house for the day to find out "Who the hell Tai ... Watch →

Who Said You Couldn’t Make Money And Play Video Games At The Same Time?

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Want To Find Out Which 3 Influential Figures Billy Wants To Have Dinner With?

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Shear GENEIUS Q&A Cut #22: Special Black Friday Announcement & Creating Content Around Black Friday

Cut#22: On this episode of Shear GENEIUS, Billy discusses new features that Facebook offers, making different types of offers for the holidays, announcing what we have in store ... Watch →

What Would You Say To An Unhappy Customer Who Wants Their Money Back?

Back at it again with the Facebook Live Group Interview! Who will be the last one standing for our Community Manager position? Tune in to find out… Don't forget to ... Watch →

What Does It Take To Be GREAT At What You Do?

Success is realistic IF you put in the work. But first, you have to show up… WWW.BEAGENEIUS.COM — Subscribe To Stay Updated: Watch →

Introducing… Billy Wonka & His Oompa Loompas! Sneak Peek Of Our Black Friday Promotion

Black Friday is right around the corner and Billy Gene Is Marketing sure does have a surprise for you! You're DEFINITELY in for a treat… Here's a little preview ... Watch →

Do You Want To Spend The Day With Billy Gene & Our Team Building Out A Funnel For YOUR Business?

Yes, you heard us right! We're talking about an actual ad, landing page, thank you page, AND follow up sequence designed to predictably and consistently turn clicks into ... Watch →

How To Create Video Content When You’re Uncomfortable Being In Front Of A Camera

Billy answers a great question from a Gene Pool Elite student who asks, "How do you make a video when you're uncomfortable with being in front of a camera?" Tune ... Watch →

The Key To Successful Relationships & Having A Circle Of Influential Friends With Lewis Howes

We had the chance to chat with Lewis Howes – host of the top 100 podcast "The School Of Greatness" last week! Billy and Lewis discuss everything under the sun ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Q&A: What Does Every Business In The World NEED?

Cut #21: In this week's episode of Shear GENEIUS, Billy goes over what he thinks every single business in the world needs, his brainstorming technique when it comes to creating ... Watch →

Hitting A $200k Work Week & Introducing Our New Hires

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Shear GENEIUS Q&A: What Are Billy’s Thoughts On FB Messenger Ads & How To Build A Strong Funnel

Cut #20: On this week's episode of Shear GENEIUS, Billy talks about how to get leads for a client in construction, his thoughts on Facebook messenger, what it takes to build ... Watch →

Behind The GENEIUS: The Making Of “00-GENEIUS: Bill Bond”

Chapter #14: For any of you who have seen our commercials in the past and wondered "How the hell do they do that?" then this chapter of "Behind the Geneius" ... Watch →

On The Search For The Next Video Vixen

We had 8 videographers in the office interviewing for 1 top spot. This is real. This is unscripted. This is happening… Let us know who we should hire! — Subscribe ... Watch →

Treat Yourself: Golfing At Petco Park

Golfing at the Padres stadium because, according to Billy, golf is better than baseball… — Subscribe To Stay Updated: Watch →

Gene Pool Elite Testimonial: Alex Tsapos

Listen to what one of our students, Alex Tsapos had to say about our Gene Pool Elite online course. — Subscribe To Stay Updated: Watch →

School of GENEIUS Testimonial: Jace Kovacevich

Listen to what one of our students, Jace Kovacevich had to say about the School of GENEIUS! — Subscribe To Stay Updated: Watch →

Recording Our Videos That Sell Sh*t Audio Book In The Studio

Interested in getting instant access to the FULL version? Please go to WWW.COPYOURADS.COM — Subscribe To Stay Updated: Watch →

School of GENEIUS Testimonial: Casey Carroll

Casey Carroll compares the School of GENEIUS to having a marketing degree. Listen to what he has to say about Billy Gene Is Marketing! — Subscribe To Stay Updated: Watch →

Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc. Proudly Presents “00GENEIUS”

I stole a flash drive filled with 20 different advertising funnels from one of the world’s greatest marketers. Do you want me to mail it to you for FREE? www.CopyOurAds.com If ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Q&A: How To Find Success Using ‘Call Now’ Advertisements, Time VS Speed, & Much More

Cut #19: In this episode of Shear GENEUS, Billy discusses the importance of time vs speed, success with call now ads, introduces our next commercial production, and much more… ... Watch →

Behind The Scenes: A Bill Bond Production – Facebook Live Stream

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Enroll Into Billy Gene Is Marketing’s School Of GENEIUS Today

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Clicks Into Customers Online Course Testimonial: Frasser Beecroft

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How Did Timothy Sykes Gain Over 1 Million Followers On Instagram?

We went LIVE with Timothy Sykes – the millionaire penny stock trader! While in college, Tim turned $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah gift money into $2 million & started a hedge ... Watch →

Clicks Into Customers & Gene Pool Online Course Testimonial: Jessie Neal

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Behind The GENEIUS: A New Tesla, Speaking at TecTalks, Being Featured In A Music Video

Chapter #13: 1. Mike, of my best students & friend bought me a black Tesla 2. Shot a music video with Chris Record 3. Spoke at TecTalks 2017 4. Went campus shopping Entrepreneurship ... Watch →

Shear GENEIUS Q&A: Advice on Hitting $10k A Month & What Billy Do In Certain Situations

Cut #18: Tune in to see what Billy has to say on this week's episode of Shear GENEIUS. He explains the reason behind why he curses a LOT, his strategy behind different niches, ... Watch →

Clicks Into Customers/Gene Pool/CAMP Testimonial: Jamie Parades

Listen to what one of our students, Jamie Parades had to say about our taking all of our courses. WWW.BEAGENEIUS.COM — Subscribe To Stay Updated: Watch →