Online Marketing – Please help my online store!

” What if I have an online store and not an actual store then what do you do.”.


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  1. Ismail Konaté

    Oct 20. 2014

    Thanks Evan, this is totally true and deep. I believe in Believe because you are so enthusiastic and faithful about it, that can only lead to great actions.

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  2. OmegaEightz

    Oct 21. 2014

    what kind of advice  would you give to someone who creates artwork 100 percent original  .. custom artwork to be exact..  I have never used online internet selling or dealing  with my artwork.  I do  custom artwork that exploded from learning graffiti and transformed into  creating what other people want  at reasonable prices..  I plan to use all the major social media websites to direct traffic to my sites . however I am used to the old fashioned upfront in person marketing .. in which case i used to paint live in front of crowds of people selling  paintings to people at events .I am having a bit of trouble grasping how i am going to make sells due to weather keeping me inside during the cold rainy seasons that is ahead .. everything keeps pointing towards  however eventually i want to push people towards my own site once it is fully built 

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    • OmegaEightz

      Oct 22. 2014

      a professor had also told me i should do this ever i am in the process of gathering new equipment. This is a really good idea .. this way people can see me in the realm of selling ,, marketing and creating all at the same time .. at the events its gets pretty chaotic and showing how i manage it will gain more interest.  Thank you for the idea

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  3. Flight Of Spice Blog

    Apr 10. 2015


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  4. MrMason013

    Jul 02. 2015

    Great Vid!!

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  5. Rain In Autumn

    Dec 03. 2015

    if you email online retailers to try and get your product in stores and they don’t respond should you keep emailing them or calling them or would that be a bad marketing strategy?

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    • Evan Carmichael

      Dec 07. 2015

      +Rain In Autumn I’d expand my outreach – follow them and reach out on social media, try to get a personal introduction (check your linkedin connections as a start, go to events where they’ll be at, etc #BTA107

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    • Rain In Autumn

      Dec 09. 2015

      +Evan Carmichael Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Truly appreciated. I will take that advice and utilize it.

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  6. Alicia Lamour

    Dec 04. 2015

    Great video 🙂

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  7. Santhoshi Radhakrishnan

    May 20. 2016

    Hello Mr. Evan ,
    I can count with my fingers the number of YouTube videos for which I have clicked the thumbs up. And your video is one of them. When I searched for videos for finding my target market I came across some videos and I didn’t feel anything for it. But the moment I saw your video I felt connected. And I knew your standing for something which you honestly believe in. Great work!! I teach Indian cooking classes and not sure how to market my business. Hope you could help me.

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    • Evan Carmichael

      May 23. 2016

      +Santhoshi Radhakrishnan Thank you.. Much appreciated it.. #BTA142 Nina

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  8. Ata Ullah

    Aug 17. 2016

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    Nov 02. 2016

    my store is

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  10. steve anderson

    Jan 03. 2017

    Thanks Evan Carmichael for your awesome “Online Marketing – Please help my online store!” video.
    I also use this to drive website traffic which works great for me:

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  11. Be 4 Media

    Feb 05. 2017

    let’s support each other

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    • Evan Carmichael

      Feb 05. 2017

      Thank you for the suggestion and thanks for watching. #BelieveNation #BTA401 Luka

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