How to Write Home Page Headlines That Convert

If your homepage headline isn't well written you won't convert visitors into customers.

Here's how you fix it:

1. Address the problem – your headline should address the problem your visitors are facing. If they know that you can help fix their problem they are more likely to sign up.

When addressing their problem, you should ideally do this within 5 or 6 words. Try to keep it under 10 if you can't make it short.

2. Have a sub-headline underneath your headline – this should address the solution to the problem. This reinforces that you can solve people's problem.

3. Continually test new headlines – your headlines can always be improved. For this reason, you should test them.

Using Crazy Egg you can test your headlines and see if it is helping you generate more leads, sales, and conversions.

One big reason to continually test is that things change over time. So your headline that works today may not work a year from now. This happens because market conditions change.

Just follow those three steps and you will have a higher converting headline.


6 Responses to “How to Write Home Page Headlines That Convert”

  1. Simon Zaku

    Sep 11. 2017

    Can I talk about ny newsletter? Sth like “Join the exclusive list of 1,000 entrepreneurs” or must it necessarily be an incentive?

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  2. Stefaan Quackels

    Sep 12. 2017

    What about the theory that the headline has te be “The most clear statement of your offer” & the subheading adding more benefits? Like the headlines of Ahrefs or Sumome?

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  3. Nek Raj

    Sep 12. 2017

    That’s a great point. It has known by most of the marketer, however thanks for remiding me.

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  4. Raphaël Meyrou

    Sep 12. 2017

    Hello Neil, thanks for your instructive videos. You’re doing it very well and are pretty clear in your communication (I can tell you as a french guy).
    It would be awesome if you took more time on each video than 2 minutes, to go slower and further in some point.
    See you ! 😎

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