How To Make A Podcast Episode From Your YouTube Videos – Step By Step Podcasting Guide For YouTubers

Trying to figure out how you can start a podcast from your YouTube videos? This video shows you exactly how to create a podcast episode based on your YouTube video… Step-by-step!

For content marketing, a great goal is to get your content into every major media as I explained in my three pillar marketing strategy video:

For content marketers who start with a YouTube video, turning that video into a podcast episode requires very few steps to be done right. Simply ripping the MP3 and uploading it to a podcast hosting solution is not enough!

It is important for you to work with the audio file in order to make a great podcasting user experience for your listeners.

You may need to introduce the idea that the audio file began as a YouTube video… You may want to add an out true to the video…

In working with the audio file itself you will want to normalize the levels and compress the file so it is low on bandwidth and doesn't end up buffering for your listeners.

Finally you need to add MP3 tags so that the file has an author, title, image and more! All of this data is picked up by the podcast hosting, the RSS feed, and the users phone which gives a great users experience when they are listening to your podcast episode.

Finally, uploading it to a podcast hosting solution where it can live on its own, then you can embed it into your blog posts that you've created from the transcription!

This is how you complete the process of creating a three pillar content marketing strategy starting with a YouTube video.

When you are ready to launch your podcast, there are some strategies you can implement to try and rank quickly on the iTunes podcast directory. I cover those in a separate video with a couple of podcasting experts here:


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  1. QQQonigiri

    Oct 16. 2017


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  2. Suraj Sharma

    Oct 16. 2017

    I was watching your other videos and this video pops up. 🙂

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  3. Laura Allison

    Oct 16. 2017

    I am so thankful for the content you give us. The how-to guide would be awesome. I want to do this and help other people who are in the same boat as I am in. I am disabled. I work as a rideshare driver 2-3 days as week, if I’m lucky. I need to have other streams of income for times when getting out of the house is impossible. It can get scary-financially. I’d really like to learn to do this. Thank you so much!

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    • Miles Beckler

      Oct 16. 2017

      Did you watch the video?

      I show the “how to” right here… #Confused

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    Oct 16. 2017

    I love this idea Miles!

    I find that it’s a lot easier for me to record myself on YouTube, then write my blog accordingly.

    However I have been thinking about podcasting for a while now and haven’t really had time to pick the right program and host for it.

    Out of curiosity, other than thrive cart, did you figure out another way to do sales funnel in WordPress?

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  5. George Santillan

    Oct 16. 2017

    Awesome content just starting out. Trying to learn help more people with bad credit, looking at different platforms. Appreciate what you do…. Thanks

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