How to Hire Writers to Create Killer Content For Your Blog [STEAL OUR PROCESS]

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Sounds crazy, right? But we do it. We've created an "assembly line" to crank out high-quality content.

Here's a summary of how it works.

When you have to create a lot of content, there are multiple people involved.

One content creator can probably write about three or four pieces of content at most per week.

So you need to hire 20, 30 writers to generate the amount of high-quality content that you're looking for.

How do you make this process fool-proof?

You come up with a topic.

Then you assign it to the writer, and the writer writes it, outlines it, and after he outlines it, you have to approve it and edit it.

Then you send it back for revisions.

After they write it, you have to approve it, and maybe they'll make some additional edits.

We never hire full-time writers because we know the moment you hire a full-time writer, production max output plummets.

They start thinking of it as a nine-to-five.

They work from nine to five.

A lot of times, I notice that people, at least for myself, I'm more productive if I set my hours.

Because I know when I'm productive.

I'm least productive between 2:00 to 4:00 PM because I get drowsy.

Let's say in the afternoon; I'm not productive.

Instead of me sitting there for three hours trying to pretend like I'm working, what's more efficient?

Take a nap.

That is how writers work. That's how they're creative.

And also, during the day, for a lot of creative people, there are a lot of interruptions.

You can't be creative when you have those interruptions.

You need at least a three-hour block of uninterrupted time.

There are two types of schedules called manager's schedule and creator's schedule.

And what happens in manager's schedule, they're more high-level.

They have a lot of meanings, a lot of calls. But for people who are creative, who are developers, designers, writers – odd hours work best.

So naturally, it doesn't work when you hire full-time writers when you work nine to five when interruptions are happening the most.

We find all our writers from

Another good way to find good writers is to look at writers who have their authorship on other sites and just contact them.

Contact writers that you like so when they write content you-you they can also promote it to their following and then it just goes so much more viral.

If you hire writers who are already popular and have a following, whatever they write, they're going to do the marketing for you.

So, even if you're paying 20 cents a word, it's a lot cheaper than hiring cheaper writers because these guys also do all the marketing.

So, you don't have to pay for the Facebook ads or any other marketing.

We use Trello to manage our writers and keep it simple by just creating columns. Every person is responsible for a column.

Your job is to make sure whatever is under your column, gets moved to the next. Then it's the other person's job to clear the column. You cannot mess that up.

It's straightforward, and it's scalable.

As I said, if we want to produce a thousand pieces of content a week, we could.

We already produce hundreds and hundreds.

It's not that much harder to scale.

Now you guys know how we produce content.

Feel free and follow the process.

Jack our Trello boards, you know, do the same thing.

You can even go to and find the writers that we're using probably on there for a lot of our customers' stuff.

It works.


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  1. payam hameed

    Jan 27. 2018

    He Neil, just please! can you answer my email. I’m still waiting for your reply!

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  2. Pᴜ Pʀᴏᴅᴜᴄᴛɪᴏɴ

    Jan 27. 2018

    Thanks for this video Neil. ✌️
    Wanna meet you very soon!

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  3. Pᴜ Pʀᴏᴅᴜᴄᴛɪᴏɴ

    Jan 27. 2018

    One question Neil, How much we should pay to writers per blog post.

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  4. Manav Singh

    Jan 27. 2018

    Awesome! You always have something unique to share.

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  5. Joy Bandyopadhyay

    Jan 27. 2018

    Nice video sir ….

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  6. Israel MV

    Jan 27. 2018

    Thanks Neil.

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  7. Abhishek Shukla

    Jan 27. 2018

    Thanks a lot. I am trying to hire a content writer since last one month. Lets see if problogger works.

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  8. Sunny Bidhuri

    Jan 27. 2018

    how to choose writer for my personal blog

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  9. Viren Negi

    Jan 27. 2018

    Ahh..David I see you..Thank you both for sharing this. What I am learning in marketing is you need to create a process and execute it, follow it, tweak it, make it better over the time. Like you did over the years. Great !

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  10. Martin Zanichelli

    Jan 27. 2018

    1) REQUEST YOUR WRITERS TO DELIVER ONLY IN .TXT FORMAT. Because some writers hide UTF and Unicode in Word documents in order to pass Copyscape. They copy and paste and they change characters to different Unicode versions and UTF. When you paste in Copyscape, the software will see different characters and will consider that there is no plagiarism. BUT GOOGLE AND YOUR COMPETITOR WILL SEE THE PLAGIARISM.

    2) After you have your .txt document pass it through COPYSCAPE PREMIUM IN BLOCKS OF LESS THAN 2000 WORDS. Copyscape Premiumis an industry standard, soyou are OKhere and donot need any other software.

    3) DO NOT USE SMALL SEO TOOLS. It detects only “copy paste” plagiarism and has a very simple algorithm.

    4) NEVER USE FIVERR. Almost all are plagiarists, sorry to say.

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  11. vignesh Aithal

    Jan 27. 2018

    Good video:-)

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