How to Find Affordable Marketing Talent

You don't need a lot of money to hire amazing marketing talent.

Sure you could try hiring interns, but it takes too long to train them up. And hiring people full time is too expensive.

I recommend using two sites to find amazing marketing talent: Fiverr and UpWork.

They both have amazing marketing talent at affordable rates. But before you hire anyone from these sites make sure they have dozens of positive reviews related to work that you are looking for.

In addition to that, you want to hire people who have been on the platform for over a year as they tend to be more reliable.

And even if they have been on the platform for a while, you have to message them first to see if they can do what you are looking for and of course to evaluate their communication skills.

Assuming they communicate at a fast pace, they have positive reviews and they specialize in the tasks you want done, then you can hire them out on a contract basis.

That's how you find affordable marketing talent.


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  1. Manav Singh

    Sep 03. 2017

    How should I develop my skills to get a good job in digital marketing if I’m a complete beginner?

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  2. Build Me Best

    Sep 04. 2017

    But neil, there’s a dark truth.. . Most of the users on fiverr and upwork increase their reviews and rating by reviewing them through their relatives and friends, because if they don’t do this, they don’t get leads and organic customers.. So, in this case it’s more complicated than we see..

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