7 Etsy Alternatives for Making Money Selling Your Art

Here are 7 Etsy alternatives for earning money selling your art. Go to for video notes, related material, ideas, and useful resources pointed out.

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In this video, I will reveal you 7 Etsy alternatives for making money selling your art. Whether you're selling wall prints, paintings, devices, clothes, or something else, you have a lot of fantastic choices for discovering customers. Delight in the video and let me know exactly what you believe in the comments below!


4 Responses to “7 Etsy Alternatives for Making Money Selling Your Art”

  1. so er

    Jul 20. 2017

    Thank you very much. I didnt know 5 of them.

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  2. Steph B

    Jul 20. 2017

    Great job, Justin! Thanks as always for finding all this stuff. Your voice is so calming and gives me time to jot stuff down 🙂

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    • Steph B

      Jul 20. 2017

      Fine Arts America site also.. I think it’s about $10/year.. they take your art and put it on products.

      A friend who was retired started painting in her 60s.. people would buy her note cards, one person had a canvas bag made, another had a pillow made..

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  3. laura j phillips

    Jul 20. 2017

    Great vid as always!

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